I’ve been abusing my body for years with Toxic Chemicals!

I have to share my story with you!

I’m a mother of 2, and for years I was using conventional skincare products with no understanding of the lethal chemicals they all contained. Too busy running around with the kids to pay enough attention to product labels.
I read an article about organic skincare products, and asked my friends what they thought of them. They told me to stop being paranoid. Stop listening to the hype around the ‘harm’ that is caused by conventional skincare.
“If they’re stocked in the supermarkets, then they’re safe”, I was told, time and time again. 🙄

So, I kept on using them, until I decided to do my own research.
I almost fell off my chair when I delved into the ingredients…..

Did you know toxic stuff like Aluminium, Parabens, Synthetic Fragrances, and other chemicals are in most of the skincare products we all use. Do your own research on what damage they do to your body.

What was I thinking? 🤔

I told my friends about my findings and the jokes suddenly stopped. Their faces turned to looks of panic and concern:

“I’ve been using the same conventional body lotion for 20 years now”

“I’ve been spraying under my armpits with the same branded deodorant since I was a kid”

“That face stuff, I’ve been using – is it harming me?

This can’t be right! Why were we not told about the harm we were doing to our bodies, and worst of all, what damage we were doing to our children.

It made me really angry!!!😡😡😡

So, I started to research some more, to find an alternative source. A Brand I could trust.

That’s when I stumbled across: 💚 Ultimate Organics 💚

Ultimate Organics handcrafts Organic Deodorants, Organic Body Oils, Organic Perfumes, and Organic Room & Body Mists. I changed my whole skincare regime to them, and absolutely love their products. No more chemicals in my body.

Why do I love them so much.....

🌱 All their Skincare products are Organic
🌱 No Aluminium. No Chemicals
🌱 No testing on animals
🌱 Vegan Friendly
🌱 Their prices are very good – funnily enough, I always thought organic meant more expensive. But a little, goes a long way. I actually spend less than I did before.
🌱 I look and feel healthier than ever before
🌱 The products are handcrafted in the Sunshine Coast of Australia
🌱 The business is family owned, and answer all your queries quickly

Finally, a brand I can Trust! 😊😊

They have products for the whole family. Organic Deodorant Sticks and Roll Ons, infused with Magnesium, so not only do you smell great, you get to replenish your body as well.
Beautiful Body Oils which are great for nourishing and healing your skin.
Organic Perfumes using the highest quality Essential Oils, which are not diluted like other brands.
My daughter loves their Room and Body Mist; she sprays it on her pillow before she goes to bed, and sleeps all through the night. Must be the combination of Essential Oils and Bach Flowers.

Ultimate Organics has a Fantastic Starter Pack which provides the whole range at a fantastic price, so the family can get started on their chemical free regime.
They even offer a 100% money back guarantee.

Get your Starter Pack Here

I really hope my story helps you make the right choice.
Don’t ever go into a store again without reading the labels thoroughly, to understand what it is you are about to eat, or put on your skin.
Remember, It’s your body – make the right choice! 💖

Get your Starter Pack Here