What's in your beautiful starter Pack?

Organic Deodorant Stick x 1
- Creamy formulation with Natural Ingredients and Essential Oils. Applied gently under the armpits. A little goes a long way.

Organic Deodorant Roll On x 1 - Gel like formulation blended with Essential Oils. Applied under the armpits. Great for carrying in your purse or bag.

Organic Body Oil x 1 - Formulated with Macadamian Oil Blends and Essential Oils. Can be applied to body and face. Great for replenishing and nourishing damaged skin.

Organic Room & Body Mist x 1 - A beautiful spray mist formulated with Essential Oils and Bach Flowers. Great to nurture and calm emotions.

Organic Perfume x 1 - Blended with the purest Essential Oils. No Chemicals.

(Pick your own favourite scent for all products in your starter pack)

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