Organic Deodorant Roll On - Magnesium w Peppermint & Lavender


"A beautiful body application that keeps you smelling divine, and feeling fresh all day!"

What it is?
An easy to apply organic deodorant roll-on which is both aluminium and chemical free . Our Essential Oils of Peppermint & Lavender keep you smelling heavenly, and feeling fresh all day long!

Why it's special?
Our organic deodorants have very unique properties: 

1. Powerful Essential Oils and Natural Ingredients fresh from the Earth, to help combat your sweat and odour.

2. Infused with Magnesium to help replenish your body.
3. Our Essential Oils are the purest on the planet.
4. Handcrafted in the Sunshine Coast of Australia.

5. Three other amazing scents available 

100% Money Back Guarantee!!


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