About Us


Ultimate Health and Wellbeing Group Pty Ltd (UHWG) is a manufacturer and distributor of organic and natural health care products.

The UHWG Range of Organic Body Care Products are:
* Vegan & Cruelty Free
* Aluminium & Paraben Free
* Non - GMO
* Palm Free

UHWG handcrafts the organic product range out of their facility, based in the Sunshine Coast Hinterland, of Australia.

The UHWG product range consists of the following:

Organic Body Care Products / Organic Hemp Oil Products / All Natural Perfumes / TENS Medical Devices - Primarily for Nerve and Muscle Stimulation and the provision of Drug Free Pain Relief / EMS Devices - Aid in Stimulating Muscles, and assistance with Toning and Exercising / REFLEXOLOGY Devices / SINUS Herbal remedy - Natural Remedy to aid people who suffer from symptoms of Sinusitis, Colds and Flus / HOME Wellbeing Products - for everyday use,
and much, much more.....

Benefits of Natural Products!

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