Proudly Australian owned, and providing a little extra, that no other brands do!

Uniqueness of Our Natural & Organic Body Care Products

Our organic deodorants contain magnesium and are completely aluminium free to ensure you smell great and replenish at the same time. 
Our Oils contain Organic Hemp Seed oil. The latest Superfood to revitalise  the body, both internally and externally.
Each handcrafted organic room and body mist contains a perfect combination of Bach flowers and Essential oils, creating a blend for emotional balance and support.
Our Organic Perfumes use the highest quality Essential oils on the planet. No dilutions.
Our Cold, Flu, Sinus Remedy has been on the market for over 30 years and is listed as a TGA medicine.
Our TENS pain relief medical device has been sold for over 20 years, as is listed as a TGA medical device.
"We are all about unique natural care, to support your physical and emotional wellbeing!"

Why Our Products?

Natural & Organic Body Products

All our Skincare products are Organic

Chemical Free Products

No Chemicals

Vegan Friendly Products

Vegan Friendly

Organic Products

One of our formulating founders is a Nutritionist

UHWG - Natural and; Organic Body Products Store
Aluminium Free Products

No Aluminium

No Testing on Animals

No testing on Animals

Best Prices

Our prices are very good because we don't support a huge head office.

Money Back Guarantee

We offer a 100% Money Back Guarantee


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