Kali bic 6x


"Kali Bic 6x is a great product to complement your Cold,Flu, and Sinus Remedy"

Kali bic 6x is a homoeopathic remedy best absorbed under the tongue. Its primary action is to break down the mucus.

Place 6 drops under your tongue, close your mouth, and wait a few seconds for it to be absorbed and take 6 more. Take your Kali bic 6x with you everywhere.
We suggest you keep a little bottle by your bedside, at your workplace, and in your bag. “Taken first and last thing each day will produce the best results”.

Taking Kali bic 6x may relieve the debilitating symptoms of sinusitis almost instantly but remember it is the herbs that will give the long term relief, so persist with taking Cold, Flu, and Sinus Remedy.

1 x 15ml bottle of Kali bic 6x

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