Cold, Flu, and Sinus Remedy - Repeat Order Pack


"Sick of that consistent nagging cough, blocked nose, or that phlegm that's always running down the back of your throat? What about the Sinus headache, and constant bad breath?"

Cold, Flu, Sinus Remedy is for you!

100% Money Back Guarantee!!

What is it?
Cold, Flu, Sinus Remedy was introduced to the Australian market over 30 years ago, by well known herbalist Robyn Kirby. For quite a few years it was known as Sinus Tonic, but the name changed recently as it had a positive effect on not only people with sinusitis issues, but anybody who had a cold or flu.

What's in it?
The remedy has 9 powerful herbs in it. The full ingredients and the effectiveness of the herbs are listed in the tab on the left of this page, or you can click below;

What does it do?
The Remedy provides relief for your sinusitis symptoms, but more importantly herbs like Echinacea, which are in the remedy, provide your immune system a real boost.
Now being a herbal remedy, it may take some time to get going, and you may even detox whilst starting on it, and feel a bit worse at the start. Stick with it, as the benefits will start to flow through after this initial period. Some people feel the benefits after one day, some after one week. We are all different.

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