Why our products?

Certified Organic Ingredients

Chemical free

Vegan Friendly

Nutritionist formulation

Handcrafted with love

Cruelty Free

Extremely affordable

Money Back Guarantee

Gifted from Mother Earth

Ultimate Organics utilises ingredients that are all about the wellness
of your body and mind.

Our products are all natural, and of the highest quality; chemical and pesticide
free. A gift from Mother Earth.

You deserve a happier, healthier life!  


"What makes us so unique?"
There's Magnesium in our deodorants to help you replenish, whilst feeling fresh.
Organic macadamia oil, and organic hemp seed oil in our body oils, to nurture and heal your body.
Bach flowers in our mists to provide emotional support.

There simply is, no other range like it!


Make the change now!

As environmentally aware adults, we want to protect, and impart knowledge
to our children and closest friends, so that they can make wise and conscious
choices for the future.

Our products provide that awareness, and link the importance of a
healthy body and healthy mind.
We hope this will be passed on for generations to come.

"The Future starts today!"



I've been using the Ultimate Organics range for a few months now, and am hooked. The room spray smells great and really relaxes the room. The deodorant stick is nice and smooth and lasts all day. The essential oils really keep the odour under control.
- Hamish M

The product range suits my family perfectly. My boys love the deodorants, my daughter and I fight over the perfume, and my husband uses the mist at work. The Rejuvenation Body Oil has been fantastic. My skin seems so soft, and the blemish I have been trying to get rid of is improving. The scent is amazing too. Yay!!!
- Di S

I would always get an allergic reaction to the perfume I was using. I had no idea it was due to the chemicals in the product, I thought it was just me. I tried the organic rose perfume and was blown away. I have never smelt anything so beautiful in my life. My friends are always asking me what I'm wearing. The aroma lasts all day, and no more rashes! Thankyou, thankyou, thankyou!
- Chloe F

Our Wonderful Customers

Frequently Asked Questions?

What is so good about Organic Products?

Our Organic Products are made from the highest quality natural ingredients. That means no chemicals, no aluminium, and no other nasties, which bring harm to your body.

I have dry skin, will your oil work for me?

Our Body Oils are wonderful for dry skin. The combination of Macadamia Oil and Hemp Seed Oil is wonderful for dry, cracked skin.

Will the Deodorant stain my clothes?

The Deodorants do contain oils, so if not careful with application, they may stain clothes. Best to only apply a small amount and ensure it is well rubbed in before putting clothes on.

How do Bach Flowers Work?

Bach flower remedies aid a specific emotion, and works in harmony with essential oils. They are safe for everyone, including children, pets, the elderly and even plants. They assist the limbic system, which is a set of structures in the brain which deals with emotions.

How does Magnesium help in your deodorants?

Research has found that Transdermal absorption of Magnesium (like, under the armpits) is much more effective than taking a Magnesium Pill. That's why we have it in our Deodorants. Now, we are not saying give up your Magnesium supplements, but just letting you know that applying our Deodorants under your armpits, will give you a well needed Magnesium boost.

Aren't Organic Products expensive?

Not our products. Our products are reasonably priced as we do not have to support a huge Head Office. Our customers also find that 'a little goes a long way'. Many are saying that they actually spend less using our products than when they used conventional products.

Some cosmetic companies test on animals. Do you?

We never test our products on animals and never will.

Do you offer a payment plan?

Yes - we offer Zip Pay for all our customers. Just choose this option at Checkout.

Do Organic Perfumes really work?

They sure do. We use the purest Essential Oils in our formulation, with no dilutions. Only a small amount needs to be applied. The scents are amazing and last all day

Do you really offer a 100% Money Back Guarantee?

Yes, we stand by our products and know that you'll love them, just like thousands of our loyal customers. If you're not happy with our products, just send them back and we'll refund your money.
Conditions Here - Money Back Guarantee.