Hi Everyone,

I love the smell of Roses, and I love to use our Rose perfume on my heart Chakra and pulse points at the beginning of each day. It instantly opens the heart, not just by its divine smell but by the high vibrational frequency it omits.

The heart Chakra is your healing centre and helps you get in touch with your inner Truth.  Gets you out of your head and invokes feelings of love, warmth, joy, and compassion.

When your heart is blocked you may experience feelings of loneliness, disconnection, depression and unforgiveness. Since it plays such an important role in the centre of our energetic bodies, the heart Chakra should be given special attention in order to balance, and encourage, healthy flow throughout the whole body.

By strengthening this chakra you will be able to enhance your emotional development and recognise the potency of what we call love. Rose awakens our capacity for self-love, self-compassion, and self-nurturing.  Which can be especially helpful when we are healing old emotional wounds.

There are many ways to bring balance to your heart Chakra, breath work, meditation, loving acts of kindness, nature, crystals, Bach flowers and aromatherapy.  You will be amazed at what happens when you start connecting to your heart, life becomes effortless and flowing. The heart comes fully alive when the mind is quiet. 

I love to use Rose essential oil on my clients, when performing emotional healing in my clinic. I see trapped emotions from 30 years ago that were too traumatic to face back then, come up, and be released with tears. 

Once this is done the heart becomes more open, and the client has a sense of lightness and inner peace.  Such a beautiful gift from mother nature, known as “the queen of essential oils”.

Namaste, Maria.

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