Mould Contamination

Hi Everyone,
One of the most difficult concepts to grasp about mould contamination is that many times you cannot see it. Sometimes there is no visible growth on the walls or any sign that something is wrong. When mold is present, but undetectable to the naked eye, it is referred to as Hidden Mould.

Perhaps you and your family have been experiencing mystery symptoms such as cold and flu like symptoms, headaches, difficulty sleeping, or a wide range of other health issues. Your family members may even be experiencing different symptoms, since everyone has different immune systems, we all react to mold differently.
These stories are common, and having doctors unable to pinpoint the cause of symptoms, only to discover mould as a possibility later, can result in much suffering and heartache.

I know this for a fact, as when I moved from Sydney to the Sunshine Coast, I experienced this exact problem. It took a number of years to determine the root cause, mould! There a number of factors that need to be addressed to help overcome this issue.

Our Cold, Flu and Sinus remedy, addresses and supports your body while you work through and eliminate mould from your home or work environment. I can help advise you on this journey, if you feel this may be a key factor in your life right now.

warm regards, Maria

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