Health Boosting Smoothie

Hi Everyone,

I am always looking for easy ways to get more Essential Fatty acids into my diet. This delicious smoothie is one of them, it is an easy breakfast smoothie or great for an afternoon ‘pick me up’.

If unsure whether you’re getting enough EFA in your diet, here are a number of signs that are linked to a deficiency – excessive thirst, frequent urination, rough dry or scaly skin, dry, dull or lifeless hair.  Dandruff and soft or brittle nails.  Raised bumps on the skin.

Essential fatty acids (EFAs) perform many functions. Regulate oxygen use, electron transportation and energy production (these are the most important processes occurring in the cells). Help to form red blood pigments (haemoglobin). Support the production of secretions of digestive enzymes..


Just love this smoothie, packed with Vit C, digestive enzymes, essential fatty acids, pro-biotics, and yummy to boot.  What a great way to start the day!
I always blend a bit extra so I have another glassful for later on.

1/4 small fresh pineapple

Handful of baby spinach or kale

 1/2 mango

1 tablespoon honey

1 tablespoon hemp seed oil

1/4 teaspoon liquid zinc

 1/2 teaspoon probiotics

1/4 teaspoon camu camu

Water or coconut water for desired consistency, Blend and enjoy!

You can use frozen fruit if you like, organic is best, depending upon your budget. 

warm regards, Maria.

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