Morning Ritual

Hi Everyone, 
I am a strong believer in creating your own unique, morning ritual. I love to start the day firstly by finding things to be grateful for, simple things, my bed, my health, my family, Mother Earth, the list grows from there.

So amazing how simple and effective this is. I then spray a mist of essential oils and Bach flowers over my body, and take 3 full deep yogic breaths. The Bach flowers attune to my auric field and bring balance and calm along with the scent of the oils.

I also anoint my body with same, on acupressure points on my body, this helps magnify and transform the effects of the flower essences.

I then find a space that is quiet and where I cannot be interrupted, I either listen to Kirtan music or chant with my MALA beads. MALA beads are such a special sacred tool to have in your practice, by chanting and holding your beads, the vibration is held within the crystals and then worn around your neck or wrist, the prayer then flows into your heart.

I keep mine beside my bed, for difficult nights, so when I wake or I am feeling overwhelmed or stressed, I reach for the beads and start chanting, or just hold them, so calming and powerful.

I always make sure I do some exercise before work, either a walk in nature, a swim, bike ride or some yoga. This may sound like a lot, but it’s worth making the effort to get up an hour earlier to establish this routine, your mind, body and soul will thank you.

I have formulated some beautiful products, to help align you to your highest frequency. Please browse through our website and see which blend may help you create inner peace, and help start you on creating your own sacred morning ritual.

warm regards, Maria x

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