Hi Everyone,

When I was studying Nutrition and natural therapies, over 30 years ago, it opened my eyes to a whole new world.  At first it was over-whelming, how can I be so ignorant and unaware of the amount of chemicals and pesticides I am exposing myself to every day.

I slowly turned my life around. Throwing out pots and pans that were all aluminium, buying organic food, not using perfume, changing my shampoos, body wash, toothpaste, cleaning products, makeup, and of course deodorant. 

The Deodorant we choose is such an important aspect of our daily routine.  Nobody wants to smell, so of course, you only want to use a product that can hold up all day. I tried various natural brands. Roll-ons were all that were available in Australia back then.

So, I started looking overseas, they were already making deodorant sticks in the US. So, I ordered a few and fell in love with them, only the exchange of the US dollar, shipping, convenience etc.. etc. , it was not the best option. 

So, we decided to start making our own products, by hand.
'The Ultimate Organics Brand'.
Products that I was using on a daily basis, that were 100% chemical free. My husband did some research, and added Magnesium to the blends, and now we had formulated a deodorant that not only smelled great, but was using ingredients from the Earth, and able to replenish the body at the same time.

My whole family started using them and loved them. My friends started using them and loved them.

We wanted to share knowledge and awareness on a larger scale. Now we have customers in all parts of the globe enjoying our sticks and roll-ons.

We know people are very particular about what scent they prefer, so we have provided four amazing scents to choose from.

I hope you find a scent that you love and are happy and confident to wear each day.

Namaste, Maria

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